Seats of Royalty

Just a few photos from the past week.

On Friday Afternoon all the timber for the trolley seats arrived at Maldon ready for the YVG working bee this coming weekend. There will be lots of Sanding and Painting to be done and a few other things are on the list if time permits.

If your interested in helping out this weekend send Fletcher Email:

Bek has now started on the last seat at Castlemaine

And the Second Last Royal Train Shunt was preformed by qualified YVG Members

Bek and Riley are seen here plugging the Multiple Unit (MU) cable in to the B and S

A short time later S303 and B74 are seen sitting in 3 siding while the driver walks the length of the train to complete his brake exam

And below we see the 4 YVG members that have been involved in the royal train

Left – Right: Rebekah (Fireman/Shunter), Kristian (Driver/Shunter), Riley (Shunter), Adisson (Fireman/Shunter/Steward)
Please Note: ALL Photos have been taken by Qualified Safe Working Staff whilst on duty and at NO point did anyone trespass to take a photo

Remember the YVG are around most weekends so feel free to drop by Maldon Station and see what we’re up to! Or even better if your aged between 15 and 35 and interested in joining the YVG send Fletcher an email for more info –


Bek and the Seats

With no sign writing jobs around the railway Bek went looking…

And well she found the seats at Castlemaine.

The seats on the platform at Castlemaine were repainted a few years ago and they’ve just been missing one thing and that’s the station name of course!

So Bek decided it was time to do just that, and I think you’ll agree they look great.

With the works on getting trolleys operational work has started to pick up with the seat frame for 8W25 now finished here it is fitted. Over the coming weeks, another frame will be completed and timbers painted and fitted .

Remember the YVG are around most weekends so feel free to drop by Maldon Station and see what we’re up to! Or even better if your aged between 15 and 35 and interested in joining the YVG send Fletcher an email for more info –

The Royal Engine

The task for the weekend was beginning the overhaul of one of the 2 Wisconsin AENLD engines that were brought inside last weekend. The first task is to remove the Flywheel cover and Air shrouds. But before that we need to remove the Carburetor.

Before and After the Carburetor, Flywheel cover and Air shrouds were removed

Then its on to removing the head. As you can see it was quite black, This is a build up of soot and carbon from the engines lifetime of use.

After a quick clean with the wire brush and it looks new!

While the head was off its a good idea to check that the Fuel and Exhaust valves aren’t stuck. Which they weren’t!

After the Head is back on it the next job is to drain the oil from the sump. This is done for a couple of reasons. Those being, We have no idea how long the oil has been in the sump, we also don’t know if any water has made its way in without draining the oil and removing the main bearing plate (The red cover)

With the Plate removed we get a good look inside and it didn’t look to bad!!

The only rust to be found is on the bearing and it looks alot in the photos then it acutally does. It’s only surface rust aswell!

After most of the oil was drained the oil pan was removed to clean the last of the oil and sludge from the pan this is as simple as wiping it out.

While the oil pan is off you get a good look inside

With the oil pan and Main bearing cover back on that’s all that we had time for this weekend.

One of the big things that the YVG have been taking part is the Royal Trains

B74 and S303 Completing MU tests before joining the train in the platform for the ‘Royal Train to Bendigo’

S303 Headed to drop the cars off in the platform and then it will join B74 to complete MU tests before rejoining the train

Bek looks like she’s enjoying been second person in the S

A view not seen by many B74 and the rest of the Royal Train waiting to cross over to the V/Line network

That all for this time.

Remember the YVG are around most weekends so feel free to drop by Maldon Station and see what were up too! Or even better if your aged between 15 and 35 and interested in joining the YVG send Fletcher an email for more info –

Recent Works

Over the past month many of the YVG members have been busy with other things such as filling the rosters to keep the trains running and helping out in the Workshop or out on the track with the Civil department but like always we are around.

Here we see Fletcher arranging the tape and paint brushes on the side of the freshly painted shelf this is all part of a bigger plan to set up the Gang shed a a workshop for the Young Volunteers Group to work on maintaining and restoring VGR’s trolley fleet

Above you can see ‘Moon Buggy’ at the back which is striped awaiting Overhaul works to begin which should start soon. Also in the shed is trolleys 6W19 and 8W25. 6W19 is in the shed waiting for repairs to an oil leak and 8W25 is awaiting seat frame timbers and some tuning to the engine once these works a finished it will receive a repaint.

Headed out side here we see 6W359, 6W13 and 6W38. 6W13 and 6W38 have there seat frames off to allow for the Engines to be removed and put in the shed for storage and eventual overhaul.

Here we can see a quick mock up of the new dash board for the moon buggy

Over the coming weeks there will be more cleaning up and organising of the gang shed and maybe work might just start on the moon buggy!

Trolleys and more

Over the Past few months the YVG have been working on VGR’s Trolley Fleet along with cleaning up the compound across from the Gang shed.

In Mid February the YVG put the ‘Moon Buggy’ into the Gang Shed. Since then it has been striped back to its bare frame and body with everything from seats to hydraulic hoses even removing the Axles.

Almost Striped. Still needing to remove the Seat bases and the last of the Hydraulics
Riley removing the Turntable
Once the Turntable was removed it was time to remove the Hydraulic Piston after a few attempts and many words be said it was finally out and with that the Moon buggy has had all removable parts removed.
The later that day Fletcher and Riley are spotted hanging tarps from the celling in preparation for sandblasting

For Many years now the compound across from the gang shed has been well a dumping ground for things that weren’t needed when the railway acquired them but might be needing in the future. Well little to say it was an eye sore, with the ever growing trolley fleet it has out grown not only the gang shed but also the container so the it was decided that we shall lay a siding next to the container in the compound which means cleaning it up.

Drone Shot before cleaning started
Clearing is progressing

With clearing and cleaning progressing the gates are open most weekends now with great deals, so feel free to stop in and grab your self a piece of VR history.

Il leave you now with some photos of Y133 Receiving a wash over the weekend!!


The Young Volunteers Group was formed in late 2016 when the railway’s 4 young volunteers decided to repaint the Steam Locomotive J549  



And well the result was an amazing!

Since then the group has grown from 4 members to over 15!! The YVG has undertaken many more projects since. They have also been training to become qualified in all the roles around the railway for Station master all the way up to Driver!


Here’s a few photos of the YVG’s Previous Projects!


bp tanks