Recent Works

Over the past month many of the YVG members have been busy with other things such as filling the rosters to keep the trains running and helping out in the Workshop or out on the track with the Civil department but like always we are around.

Here we see Fletcher arranging the tape and paint brushes on the side of the freshly painted shelf this is all part of a bigger plan to set up the Gang shed a a workshop for the Young Volunteers Group to work on maintaining and restoring VGR’s trolley fleet

Above you can see ‘Moon Buggy’ at the back which is striped awaiting Overhaul works to begin which should start soon. Also in the shed is trolleys 6W19 and 8W25. 6W19 is in the shed waiting for repairs to an oil leak and 8W25 is awaiting seat frame timbers and some tuning to the engine once these works a finished it will receive a repaint.

Headed out side here we see 6W359, 6W13 and 6W38. 6W13 and 6W38 have there seat frames off to allow for the Engines to be removed and put in the shed for storage and eventual overhaul.

Here we can see a quick mock up of the new dash board for the moon buggy

Over the coming weeks there will be more cleaning up and organising of the gang shed and maybe work might just start on the moon buggy!

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