The Royal Engine

The task for the weekend was beginning the overhaul of one of the 2 Wisconsin AENLD engines that were brought inside last weekend. The first task is to remove the Flywheel cover and Air shrouds. But before that we need to remove the Carburetor.

Before and After the Carburetor, Flywheel cover and Air shrouds were removed

Then its on to removing the head. As you can see it was quite black, This is a build up of soot and carbon from the engines lifetime of use.

After a quick clean with the wire brush and it looks new!

While the head was off its a good idea to check that the Fuel and Exhaust valves aren’t stuck. Which they weren’t!

After the Head is back on it the next job is to drain the oil from the sump. This is done for a couple of reasons. Those being, We have no idea how long the oil has been in the sump, we also don’t know if any water has made its way in without draining the oil and removing the main bearing plate (The red cover)

With the Plate removed we get a good look inside and it didn’t look to bad!!

The only rust to be found is on the bearing and it looks alot in the photos then it acutally does. It’s only surface rust aswell!

After most of the oil was drained the oil pan was removed to clean the last of the oil and sludge from the pan this is as simple as wiping it out.

While the oil pan is off you get a good look inside

With the oil pan and Main bearing cover back on that’s all that we had time for this weekend.

One of the big things that the YVG have been taking part is the Royal Trains

B74 and S303 Completing MU tests before joining the train in the platform for the ‘Royal Train to Bendigo’

S303 Headed to drop the cars off in the platform and then it will join B74 to complete MU tests before rejoining the train

Bek looks like she’s enjoying been second person in the S

A view not seen by many B74 and the rest of the Royal Train waiting to cross over to the V/Line network

That all for this time.

Remember the YVG are around most weekends so feel free to drop by Maldon Station and see what were up too! Or even better if your aged between 15 and 35 and interested in joining the YVG send Fletcher an email for more info –

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