Bek and the Seats

With no sign writing jobs around the railway Bek went looking…

And well she found the seats at Castlemaine.

The seats on the platform at Castlemaine were repainted a few years ago and they’ve just been missing one thing and that’s the station name of course!

So Bek decided it was time to do just that, and I think you’ll agree they look great.

With the works on getting trolleys operational work has started to pick up with the seat frame for 8W25 now finished here it is fitted. Over the coming weeks, another frame will be completed and timbers painted and fitted .

Remember the YVG are around most weekends so feel free to drop by Maldon Station and see what we’re up to! Or even better if your aged between 15 and 35 and interested in joining the YVG send Fletcher an email for more info –

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