Seats of Royalty

Just a few photos from the past week.

On Friday Afternoon all the timber for the trolley seats arrived at Maldon ready for the YVG working bee this coming weekend. There will be lots of Sanding and Painting to be done and a few other things are on the list if time permits.

If your interested in helping out this weekend send Fletcher Email:

Bek has now started on the last seat at Castlemaine

And the Second Last Royal Train Shunt was preformed by qualified YVG Members

Bek and Riley are seen here plugging the Multiple Unit (MU) cable in to the B and S

A short time later S303 and B74 are seen sitting in 3 siding while the driver walks the length of the train to complete his brake exam

And below we see the 4 YVG members that have been involved in the royal train

Left – Right: Rebekah (Fireman/Shunter), Kristian (Driver/Shunter), Riley (Shunter), Adisson (Fireman/Shunter/Steward)
Please Note: ALL Photos have been taken by Qualified Safe Working Staff whilst on duty and at NO point did anyone trespass to take a photo

Remember the YVG are around most weekends so feel free to drop by Maldon Station and see what we’re up to! Or even better if your aged between 15 and 35 and interested in joining the YVG send Fletcher an email for more info –

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