Trolleys, Trains and Movies

Well Due to a few things that you’ll see a bit later, We missed last weeks blog so lets start with last weekend. Last weekend saw the YVG working on trolleys again.

First thing was to paint the side timbers for the new seat frames. Above we see Fletcher rolling on the first coats of paint and below Ryan is rolling on the last coat of paint.

Whilst Fletcher and Ryan were painting Riley was busy welding up the new seat frames above we see the before and after. Not long after this this seat frame was yellow as well.

Siahna watches on as Fletcher stains the seat timbers

That was about as far as we’ve got with the trolleys for now

Some of you may have noticed that over the school holidays one of VGR’s first class carriages ‘Macedon’ was missing from the train’s. That was due to Fletcher and Riley installing the Projectors and Speakers to improve the quality and hopefully in the future the frequency of our movie trains.

Not many photos were taken due both being busy trying to get it all installed and forgetting to take them

Here we see the box that fletcher made for to house the Amplifier, Dvd Player, Remotes, Dvd’s and the Computer.

Riley Striping and installing the plugs on the speaker wires

With all the all the wires and power cables and hdmi cables run Fletcher and Riley plug all 35 or so wires and cables into the amplifier

And then after an hour or so of playing with settings it time to test it all and what better way to test it then to watch a movie. The movie picked was The Polar Express and little to say it looked and sounded amazing

Here we see the finish product.

On Tuesday the 26th Adisson, Bek and Riley helped out with the transfer of rolling stock from Maldon the Muckleford and Castlemaine and a couple of wagons from Muckleford back to Maldon. It was a pretty impressive train to say the least. But… we forgot to get a photo but we did remember to get one the way back. Here Y133 waits in Muckleford platform for the photographer to get back on board before departing for Maldon.

On Wednesday Riley and Kristian (YVG Member and K160 Project Manger) ventured to Newport, With the aim of removing the Connecting Rods.

With the pins, bolts and big Ends removed the fork lift was called on todo the heavy lifting

Kristian with a big smile now that work has finally recommenced on 160

Thats It for this this time with most of the regular YVG members being rostered on over the weekend not much happened. Over the next few weeks things should pick up a bit more with the trolleys and then it’ll be onto the next project.

And as alway remember the YVG are around most weekends so feel free to drop by Maldon Station and see what we’re up to! Or even better if your aged between 15 and 35 and interested in joining the YVG send Fletcher an email for more info –

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