Another Railway??

Well Saturday was an early start with Adission, Fletch, Riley and Ian (A volunteer that has been around since the early days of the Railway) making there way to Daylesford Spa Country Railway.

When we arrived the Volunteers from DSCR were just getting started moving there goods train so that the GY could be accessed with to backhoe to pick out a couple of trolley axles.

Loading an 8W Trolley frame and Axles onto the Truck.

The YVG would like to say a Huge thanks to the Board and Volunteers from DSCR for allowing us to obtain theses much needed items.

Back at Maldon were the weather was just a bit nicer then Daylesford, The Trolley parts were unloaded into the compound or into the Gang shed.

From here its a bit all over the place as there was lots of odd jobs and cleaning up happening

Next one the list was to Number the shed roads, So now we have road 77 and road 81

He we see Fletch checking over 6W19. just before this it had been started for the first time in a couple of months and in true Wisconsin engine style it started first try.

6W19 was moved out of the shed and placed into the container to make room for K200 to be moved from the container into the Gang shed

To get K200 out of the container everything in front of it had to come out this included the Trike and MTH. Here the Trike and MTH are sitting off the embankment in what would have been seen along many of the VR lines in their heyday.

As always YVG are around almost every weekend so feel free to drop by Maldon Station and see what we’re up to! Or even better if your aged between 15 and 35 and interested in joining the YVG send Fletcher an email for more info –

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