The Door

On Friday night Riley finished welding another trolley seat frame for 8W26 which is a trailer so there was no need to take any fancy measurements for it to fit an engine.


The lengths of RHS on the top of the frame are for the next seat frame which will be for 8W27.

The plan was to paint and clad the frame with Timber but that didn’t end up happening as a slightly more important matter arose Saturday morning


Something that has needed some attention for quite some time has been the gang shed door. Since the YVG rebuild the Gang shed in mid 2017 the side door had dropped quite a bit to the point it was scraping on the slab and getting quite tough to close. An attempt was made to correct this but this ended in the door falling apart.

So after a quick trip to get some timber, Fletcher began building a new door.


And with a Coat of paint Sunday afternoon the Gang shed had a new door.

We’re around almost every weekend so feel free to drop by Maldon Station and see what we’re up to! Or even better if your aged between 15 and 35 and interested in joining the YVG send Fletcher an email for more info –




Young Volunteers Day

Below is a selection of photos from the Young Volunteers Day. Details in the captions

Fletcher smokebox writeing 3 Above: Fletcher Writing on the Smokebox.                                                           Below: Ryan Polishing Y133’s Number Plates.

Ryan Polishing Y133 number Plates

Loco Crew Pose infront of J549

Above: Loco crew Rebekah, Will and Fletcher pose for a photo prior to turning J549.                                                                                                                                          Below: Ryan eases J549 onto the train while Adision watches on.

Ryan waves J549 onto the train 2

Tom stamping tickets

Above: Tom stamps the date onto the tickets pre-booked tickets                        Below: Ryan opens the brake pipe taps

Ryan Opening Brake pipe tapes

Kade cheecking booking numbers

Above: Kade checks in the first of the pre-booked passengers at Castlemaine  Below: J549 and Y133 await departure from Muckleford

Train at MFD

Adi waves J549 Y133 Away

Above: Adision waves J549 and Y133 away as the run around the train at Maldon                                                                                                                                      Below: Siahna has just collected the Staff from J549

Siahna Will collect the staff

Mini baz Cheecking tickets

Above: Brendan checks the tickets of some first class passengers                      Below: J549 Resting up after a long day while Y133 completes the evening shunt


From all the Young Volunteers we’d like to thank everyone that came along. Without you this day would not have been possible!!


Catching up

Over the past few weeks, a lot has happened not only in planing and getting ready for the YVG operating day but also the Gang shed has had a bit of a remodel and a few other things.



A new bench and shelves have been built. Over the next few weeks, everything will be organised and work on the trolleys will be back in full swing.

Last week Riley Repainted two of our Civil wagons NN125 and QB4





And the weekend just gone the YVG begun on there next project.

20190927_134435 Repair and Repaint of 63BW. Here we see the cracks marked and the roof has been washed ready for patches to be applied and the roof painted



Whilst Fletcher and Riley Worked on repairing and painting the Roof Ryan, Brendan and cleaned the windows and begun sanding the north side



Tom and Adision also un tarped G828 in preparation for its repaint


Stay Tuned for more photos from the Young Volunteers Operating Day.

We are around almost every weekend so feel free to drop by Maldon Station and see what we’re up to! Or even better if your aged between 15 and 35 and interested in joining the YVG send Fletcher an email for more info –