Young Volunteers Day

Below is a selection of photos from the Young Volunteers Day. Details in the captions

Fletcher smokebox writeing 3 Above: Fletcher Writing on the Smokebox.                                                           Below: Ryan Polishing Y133’s Number Plates.

Ryan Polishing Y133 number Plates

Loco Crew Pose infront of J549

Above: Loco crew Rebekah, Will and Fletcher pose for a photo prior to turning J549.                                                                                                                                          Below: Ryan eases J549 onto the train while Adision watches on.

Ryan waves J549 onto the train 2

Tom stamping tickets

Above: Tom stamps the date onto the tickets pre-booked tickets                        Below: Ryan opens the brake pipe taps

Ryan Opening Brake pipe tapes

Kade cheecking booking numbers

Above: Kade checks in the first of the pre-booked passengers at Castlemaine  Below: J549 and Y133 await departure from Muckleford

Train at MFD

Adi waves J549 Y133 Away

Above: Adision waves J549 and Y133 away as the run around the train at Maldon                                                                                                                                      Below: Siahna has just collected the Staff from J549

Siahna Will collect the staff

Mini baz Cheecking tickets

Above: Brendan checks the tickets of some first class passengers                      Below: J549 Resting up after a long day while Y133 completes the evening shunt


From all the Young Volunteers we’d like to thank everyone that came along. Without you this day would not have been possible!!


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