What’s been happening?!

Its been a while since our last blog post. But, after a bit of a break, the YVG are back into the swing of things and kicking more goals than before!!

Late last year the YVG were approached by a generous donor that was looking to donate towards the restoration of Ice refrigerated van T 222 (HD 239).

T 222 shortly after been transferred to Maldon for restoration. The Restoration will involve a complete Re stick of the two long sides along with rebuilding of the doors as they are in poor condition.
T222 is an extremely rare and unique piece of rolling stock, this is the only T van left in operational condition. Plenty of van body’s can be found on farms across Victoria, but this is the only one with all its underframe etc.

We are attempting to return it to as original condition, or close too. A further post will show all the little bits and pieces that have been done thus far on the van. Stay tuned

In March the YVG were invited to attend Steamrail Victoria’s 2020 Newport Workshops Open Days. As part of this, two of our Trolleys were taken and put on display for the weekend.

But, before the open weekend, a few things needed to be done on the trolleys. Here we see Bek completing the final touches on 8W26 & 8W25

Certainly an interesting position to sign write in!!

In recent times, the YVG have done the Civil Gang a favour by doing some lineside clearing of trees and branches that are inside the loading gauge. This is mainly to stop Y133’s paint job being scratched, but also to stop further new paint jobs being scratched too! (Stay tuned)

It also improves passengers Safety while riding the train!

Now that we are back into the swing of things, Keep a look out on the blog with more regular updates.

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