Macedon Makeover

Unfortunately in early June, Our first class carriage Macedon was the victim of a graffiti attack which covered one side of the carriage. The Young Volunteers Group took to the clean up and it was decided a full repaint was needed. (Which was desperately required)

The above photo is after all the graffiti had been sanded off.

So the huge task of sanding, Bogging, masking etc began.

While we were sanding one of the door posts on the non platform side. A large rust hole was discovered. Thankfully Mick was quick onto the repairs, the old piece was cut out and a new piece rolled and welded in.

Mick standing proudly showing the before & after.

After a few weeks of prep, it was time for a couple of coats of primer.

Macedon was then transferred to the carriage shed at Castlemaine so the primer had time to cure, and Mick was able to utilize the workshop again to catch up on some carriage exams.

In late August, Macedon was once again back at Maldon so we could sand all the primer and get ready for the application of the beautiful red top coat.

After Top coat was applied, it was onto underframe detailing while the body had some time to cure

After a couple of weeks of detailing, it was time to wrap the whole body up so the roof could be sanded, Primed and Top coated.

It was decided to do the roof last, instead of first so the Red had a few weeks to properly cure before any sticker stencils was applied. Just in case the red wanted to come off with the stickers.

Once the body was wrapped up, we gave the roof a quick rub back. Once this was complete, the roof was primed. We had to hire in a scissor lift for this job as the OHS risks of working at that height on planks was too great, it also sped up the process enormously.

Above shows the roof just after all the Silver was sprayed. How snazzy!!!

It was also decided to put the air vents back on the clerestory. Macedon originally had these when it was a sleeping car on the Overland.

We also decided to break up the silver with a splash of red on the vertical part of the clerestory. Now it doesn’t resemble a boat hull as much.

Once the Roof was all done, it then came to the sign-writing. A number of hours research was done to track down all the original Pullman Fonts. Many thanks goes to Fran Philips from the USA who helps run Pullman Car ‘Dover Harbor’, who also helped us with tracking down original Pullman drawings.

If your ever in Washington D.C., We certainly recommend you check out Pullman car, ‘Dover Harbor’. Check out the website for details:

Paul Blake from Mort Signs kindly designed and printed all the sticker spray stencils, Then came all the way from Traralgon to fit all the stickers.

Paul posing with his awesome work!

Once Paul had finished, the uncovered parts of red was quickly masked back up and we got straight into spraying the Yellow.

The next morning, we unwrapped the big present and got straight into the final detailing on the car. Ready for its wash and polish on the Friday.

Saturday 3rd of October, It was finally all finished and bought out for the Official YVG photo in front of Maldon station and of course the group photo with everyone that worked on it (A few people couldnt make it for the photo)

Im sure everyone will agree, the finished product looks absolutely amazing.

Looks a bit snazzy!!
The small group who made Macedon look a million dollars.

L-R: Fletch, Adisson, Baz, Dave, Lauren, Chelsea, Bek & Mick. Absent: Riley, Kade & Tom.

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