Rust no more….

Work has continued on the T van over the last few weeks at quite a pace. The entire underframe has been needle gunned back to metal, then all the unseen bits underneath was pressure washed to remove rust scale and grease flicked up from the wheels over the years.

Just before the last pin was removed & the spring lowered out

All 4 springs were removed at the start of the week, so we could needle gun and clean the entire spring, but also, so the W guards could be cleaned and painted entirely. The bonus with removing these parts, all the bushes and pins could be inspected and replaced if defective. All the brake rigging has received the same treatment. Out of all the bushes, only 3 out of 30 odd bushes required a new bush to be turned up.

Bek attacking the very annoying task of needle gunning the axle boxes.

The wheel sets and axle boxes also had the last bits of muck needle gunned and pressure washed ready for painting.

Adi prep washing the underframe.

As of Friday 30/10/20, the underframe and all the underframe parts were all ready for some form of paint. The first step is to apply the rust bond penetrating coating, which we were able to apply today. All it is, is a clear coat rust converter with a light green dye in it. (Just so you can see where you’ve been), but it also acts as a primer/sealer to stop the actual primer from frying any left over enamel or acrylic paint left on the job.

Fletch in the middle of spraying one of the buffer beams.
After having the rustbond applied.
All of the T vans underframe parts strategically set up in the workshop with the rustbond recently applied.

We have a big few days ahead of us. We have to prime everything, and then topcoat it with VR Wagon Red AND…. have the van back on its wheels…. before Wednesday!!

Stay tuned for more updates!!

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