I see red, I see red, I see red

Some said it couldn’t be done in a week… But, today we got the T van back on its wheels!!!

It was a massive week of hard work but we did it!! Last Sunday, the call was made to get the underframe and all it parts painted and the van back on its wheels by this Wednesday. This was to allow the stands the T van was sitting on to be used for this weeks crane day!

So as of last Sunday, the underframe itself was only about a quarter needle gunned. So a few solid days needle gunning saw this job completed. We then pressure washed it to get all the last little bits of rubbish. The wheels had their final clean and wash, then all the other parts were wire wheeled and cleaned.

Friday, we set all the parts up in the workshop, the sprayed the rustbond (as mentioned in the last post)

All the underframe parts with a fresh coat of primer

Saturday we applied the primer to all the parts, to which a few problems came up with that! But that’s another story

Underframe looking quite odd all white!

Sunday it was time for the topcoat of VR wagon red. The colour was matched off Fletcher’s Z van which has original Wagon red in the door jambs. So a sample of this was taken and matched. What an amazing colour!!

Looking snazzy after one coat of wagon red.. just before receiving the next coat

Today was the big day… all the springs were put on there hangers and greased. The wheels were then put into position to allow the jacking to start. Once we had the van jacked to the correct height, we rolled the axles under and lowered the van down.

All the horn slides were greased which made it a lot easier for the boxes to locate into the horns. A few problems were encountered with the springs as they lowered onto the top of the axle box, but nothing a bit of persuasion couldn’t fix!

Looking much better back on its wheels!
Looking good!! Probably the best looking underframe around!

By the end of day… we were able to stand back and admire what we were able to achieve in a week!! A solid effort.

Keep an eye out for more progress!

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