Prime me up

So following on from our previous Blog post… Our day didn’t go quite as planned.

But, we were able to get all the new boards primed and a little bit of sanding done on the No. 2 end.

Riley spotting while Fletch primes the new boards

While in the middle of spraying, we discovered we’re not going to have enough primer to complete the entire van. Luckily.. we had enough to put one coat of primer on all the new boards (which was our aim).

Fletch spraying the last row of boards.

With this particular brand of paint we are using, they currently have no primer available in the country. So we have to wait until mid jan before we can get anymore.

Having to wait until Mid jan shouldn’t be a problem, this gives us time to fix all the new boards on, complete sanding and bogging before the final coat of primer is needed.

All the soldiers standing proud

With a few of the YVG members on holidays now.. we should be getting stuck right into the Van. So stay tuned for more exciting progress over the coming weeks!!!

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If you or someone you know is aged between 15 and 35 and interested in joining the YVG, Contact Fletcher for more info –

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