Out with the old.. in with the new

Saturday 2/1/21 was a busy day on the T van. We had 5 people all over the van doing heaps of different tasks.

Lauren & Henry sanding the No. 2 end.

We had 3 people sanding different parts of the van all at once. The No.2 end saw about 85% of it all sanded yesterday, with only a small amount to go… which of course…. is the highest part of the van.

One part of the van has almost been re sticked… bearing in mind, it’s broken up into 6 sections. In 2 days one section was completed, with only the end boards of that section needing to be cut in… but they are the annoying ones… so that’ll be done once all the other sticks are on.

New panel with most screw holes bogged up.

We even got the chance to bog up the screw holes on the new panel, and sand it all smooth!

Mini Baz sanding all the bogged holes

Another task which was also tackled yesterday, was some more dreaded needle gunning.

While all this was happening, Fletch pulled the last couple of boards off above the door on the “non platform side”, and also most of the tin cladding.

The Tin cladding is only there as a barrier between the cow hair and the timber, so if the cow hair gets wet, it’s not sitting directly on the timber.., which over time, would cause it to rot.

Stay tuned for more updates!!

The YVG are always working on exciting and unique projects! If you would like to support us in our ventures, please consider donating – http://www.vgr.com.au/donations.php

If you or someone you know is aged between 15 and 35 and interested in joining the YVG, Contact Fletcher for more info – yvg@vgr.com.au

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