A bit of a freshen up

With J549’s return to traffic tomorrow (3/3/21) after it’s annual boiler inspection, it was decided last week to give the cab a much needed makeover.

The cab was originally given a quick paint job at the start of 2016. Unfortunately later that year, some extremely flammable liquid was present in the fuel oil, which the workshop team was not notified about from the oil supplier. On a morning light up, this liquid made its way to the burner mixed with the sump oil, resulting in a fire (Nooo not the fire in the firebox!)

On a side note, after that incident we changed oil fuel suppliers and now receive good quality fuel oil.

Showing most of the blackened cab! Photo: Rob Lee

The fire caused major cosmetic damage within the cab, resulting in a jet black finish throughout.

Now.. back to work , We started by needle gunning the entire cab back to metal. And removing all valve handles etc etc

While all the needle gunning was happening, all the valve handles etc were all cleaned and stripped ready for painting.

After a few days of needle gunning and preparing for paint, it was time to prime. Unfortunately with only a couple people working on the cab, we couldn’t get any photos of this stage.

It was then time for the Cumberland stone.

Showing most of the Cumberland stone within

We have returned the cab to the more traditional VR colour scheme. Cumberland stone above the base of the windows with black below the window line.

With the main colours all complete in the cab, and the fittings painted. It was time to put it all back together. Resulting in a very very snazzy looking cab!!

We even got both the drivers and fireman’s seats reupholstered! Which was desperately needed. A massive thanks goes to Nigel from “Hale Upholstery” in Bendigo for getting the seats completed in a day!!

Much better than the burnt look!
The speed recorder has never looked so good!!
Drivers side, showing the new seats!!
Fireman’s side, showing the new seats and arm rests!

All in a weeks work for the YVG!

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