The Can of Worms… A.K.A. … 16ZLP

Since our last post, the YVG have been busy doing a full structural assessment of 16ZLP’s timber body frame.

This consisted of stripping all external timber’s off the van to access the timber frame work.

Most of the North side timber’s removed

The corner and door posts all had tin covers fitted which were done by the VR. This worried us, as we had no idea of the condition of the posts.

These were all removed, which revealed that most of the posts had been victims of water damage and rotting.

North east corner post

All the bottom plates of the frame were inspected and found to be in an extremely bad state of repair. Unfortunately, the top plates weren’t much better.

After digging out most of the rotten bottom plate on the south side, it came to the point that the wall between the Guards door and South west baggage compartment door was now floating in mid air.

We very quickly propped this wall to avoid someone grabbing onto a door post, and pulling the wall out.

As the timber frames were built with mortise and tenon joins, it’s essentially a big IKEA kit. So to remove and replace the bottom plate, the entire body needs to be lifted.

As the condition of the rest of the body is average, we have made the call to dismantle and rebuild the entire body.

We are currently in the planning stage of gathering original General arrangements for reference, materials required and of course, funding.

We have estimated we need $15,000 to build a brand new body. We are looking for people willing to make $1000 or $2000 donations towards its rebuild.

The donations will be complimented by a plaque inside the van with all the peoples names that have put a donation towards the ZLP.

Please email- to find out where to donate and how much you are looking at donating.

Let’s make the ZLP great again!